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5 Simple Ways A Software Developer can Motivate Themselves


How to Keep Motivated

Any software developer will tell you that they have a constant stream of projects being placed before them and they are always being asked to come up with new ideas on how to best make these projects work. Innovation is a job in itself, so sometimes the developer can feel a little overwhelmed! To make life easier we have come up with 5 simple ideas to make the day that little bit easier ( Because you are worth it! 🙂 )


Idea 1 Make a List!!

software developer


OMG! This is what your mammy would tell you to do! Yes, but Mammys are always right! You should know that!  

Make a list of each part of the project and as you finish it, mark it off the list. As the list grows shorter you will get a lift and this will motivate you to keep going. Most good leaders believe in making a list. If it works for them, it should work for you too.

Idea 2 Don’t OverCommit!

over committed


What we mean by this is that you shouldn’t put yourself under too much pressure. If you think a project is going to take a minimum of 10 days, allow for a couple of days more. This gives you a decent chance of finishing on time. People get disheartened when their projects are always coming in late.  Give yourself the time you need to do the job properly and you will find that projects are being finished a little earlier rather than a little late. Big ego boost.


Idea 3 Learn About the Why’s For Your List

the list


You now have your list that your Mammy told you to make. Take some time to think about why each part is needed for the project and how it works with the overall outcome. If you can understand why you are building what you are building, you may come up with a better overall solution.



Idea 4 Stay Focused

stay focused


Everything is going well and you are getting loads done. What happens? Your friend tells you to have a look at something and you lose your train of thought. Social media and chair racing can be hazardous to getting your project done as well and as quickly as you are capable of. Unless the place is actually burning down you should avoid distractions and stay focused!


Idea 5 Take a Break

take a break


What? I hear you cry. Take a break? You just told me to stay focused!

It has been proven that the longer you spend working without a break the less productive you become. Every 60 -90 minutes take a break and don’t think about what you are working on. This is where watching sports or TV shows can be a blessing. Discussing who is winning ‘Strictly’ or who has the best team can allow your mind to relax. This helps to keep you motivated and you come back ready to work again.


To Finish

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