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Google’s Latest Operating System – Tasty as Always!

android pie

Android 9

August brought the official release of Google latest operating system – Pie. They had been teasing us with a couple of Beta versions that were very impressive but in August the official release came for Pixel and Essential phones. For other phone makers, the releases will come as their software is adjusted to take the new OS and that could be as late as 2019 for some manufacturers.


So what is so Good in the New Operating System?

Pie is more consumer orientated. The operating system learns about the owner’s preferences and adjusts the phone to better meet them.


Here are a few of the main questions and answers to do with Pie.

What is Pie? – Yes it is a tasty dessert, but it is also the name of the latest operating system –  Android 9

When can I get it for my phone? For some brands, it is available right now. For others, it could be well into 2019. It depends on how soon the manufacturers can update the software on the phones.

How much will it cost?  Best part, it will be free!

What phones can use Pie right now?

Here is a list of the phones which can presently use Pie:

  • Google Pixel 2
  • Google Pixel 2 XL
  • Essential Phone

And here is a list of the companies with phones that are expected to be able to use it before Christmas

  • Sony
  • Xiaomi
  • HMD Global
  • Oppo
  • Vivo
  • OnePlus
  • Select Android One phones

These brands also have some phones that won’t be able to use it until the New Year or after, but you can check out through their websites.

android 9

So What is New?

Adaptive Battery Life

Your phone won’t need to be charged as often due to the fact that Pie learns which apps are being used most and which little or none. It keeps the unused ones dormant allowing them to use little or no power. Tests on some of the Beta versions increased the length of use by up to 30%!!!

Adaptive Brightness

Another new feature is Adaptive Brightness. This power saving change came about because Google felt that the previous auto brightness wasn’t good enough. People were still left reading for the adjust. The phone learns about the user’s preferences and adjusts to meet them in the most efficient way it can.

App Actions

Google is adding more prediction tools. Before, you would see a row of predicted apps, normally based on your usage.

Android 9 – Pie – does a bit more. It attempts to guess what you will do next and these apps will be placed below the normal predicted ones. These are all based on your previous habits, such as your normal time for going for a run or if you ring somebody at the same time every day.

App Slices

This is something which is lined up to be added later in the year. Google has wanted developers to create more shortcuts around its operating system.

Lyft, the taxi app is the best example at the moment. Searching for Lyft you get the app as your answer. It shortcuts to your most frequent destinations such as home or work and gives you the cost as well. It is all about saving you having to search through your apps.

Navigation Changes

Pie has changed its navigation system to make multi-tasking easier. It is similar to the iPhone X’s horizontal bar replacing the old home and recent buttons. Google finds this much better on the all-screen phones.

You can swipe up no matter what screen you are on to see your 5 predicted apps and recently opened apps. A second swipe opens your app drawer.

What Other changes are there?

Some things have been moved such as the time is on on the top left of the screen. The graphics are sharper and better rounded. The battery life remaining is at the bottom of the screen and you won’t have to wake up your phone to see it.

Lots of little changes that might put you off at the start but quickly you will be wondering why it wasn’t always like this. A bit like Windows 7 after Vista!

There one final big change which should be mentioned is the ‘Wellness’ feature. Most of us spend too much time on our phones. Pie is going to tell you exactly how much!  It can be used as a reminder when you set yourself a time limit.

Finally, it has a Shush feature. This is so that when you turn your phone face down it silences any alarms and won’t let any notifications beep in.


All in all a massive improvement and one which we look forward to using.

android pie


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