Jaspersoft Reports

Jaspersoft Reports

System overview

Jaspersoft business intelligence suite

Jaspersoft provides the most flexible, cost effective and widely deployed Business Intelligence suite in the world, enabling better decision-making through highly interactive, web-based reports, dashboards and analysis. Leveraging a commercial open source business model, Jaspersoft provides end-to-end BI capabilities at a fraction of the cost of other vendors.

The BI suite includes pixel-perfect enterprise reporting, ad hoc query, dashboards, OLAP and in-memory analysis, and data integration. Jaspersoft is the only BI vendor that enables companies to adapt to the new, virtualized world by providing a complete spectrum of on-premise, multi-tenant SaaS and cloud-based deployment options for both embedded and standalone business intelligence. Unlike traditional BI vendors, Jaspersoft is built on a modern, lightweight, standards-based architecture and offers greater vendor independence thanks to its open source codebase. Unlike niche BI vendors, Jaspersoft represents a safe choice with tens of thousands of production deployments across a wide range of industries.

  • Enhance and modernise you web applications user interfaces with charts, graphs & widgets.
  • Dynamic reports enable rich interactivity with parameters, drop downs and filters.
  • Export reports to different formats including HTML, PDF, XLS, RTF, SWF, ODF, TXT.
  • Security integration support for LDAP, CAS, and custom identity management systems.
  • Simplified report drill-down design and integration.
  • Conditional printing and formatting.
  • Report search makes locating reports quick and easy.
  • Communicate with multiple data sources including JDBC, XML, POJO, EJB, MDX, CSV.

Stay informed and make better decisions

Jaspersoft Business Intelligence reporting software takes information from one or more data sources and presents it in an easy-to-read, highly interactive format for business users.


Spot trends and identify issues

Jaspersoft data analysis software is used to model, manipulate and visualize any flavor of data using OLAP or in-memory analysis in order to make better decisions quickly.


View the state of your business

Jaspersoft dashboard software combines data and graphical indicators to deliver at-a-glance summaries of information for users to act on quickly.


Data Integration

Jaspersoft data integration software extracts, transforms, and loads (ETL) data from different sources into a data warehouse or data mart for reporting and analysis purposes.