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Greenfinch Technology is a Dublin based software development company, focused on solving business problems with innovative technological solutions.

Why partner with Greenfinch?

  • We have extensive experience successfully delivering bespoke mobile solutions across a diverse range of industry sectors and platforms
  • We are a Premier Consulting Partner for Xamarin – Microsoft’s incredibly powerful mobile platform.¬† This allows us to use our .Net C# skills to design, build and manage bespoke native mobile apps across the 3 major mobile platforms (iOS, Android and Windows Mobile) using a single repository of code
  • Our multi-disciplinary team of Xamarin developers and mobile consultants bring expertise, energy and enthusiasm to create bespoke cross-platform mobile apps to meet your business requirements and budget
Xamarin Cross-platform Development

2x faster with Xamarin

Accelerate time to market

Dramatically reduce development time compared to traditional separate development projects for both iOS and Android Platforms.

Cross-Platform Native Mobile Apps Built with Xamarin

Using the mature Xamarin platform, we develop one app that runs natively on Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices. Apps built with Xamarin provide the same performance, functionality and look & feel as native applications. All resulting in less cost & effort but crucially delivering a great mobile experience for users indistinguishable from native apps Рbecause it is native.

  1. Native User Interface
  2. High-fidelity API Access
  3. Native Performance

About Xamarin

The Xamarin approach to building cross-platform native apps combines the essential characteristics of native apps (native UI, native performance, and native device access) with the efficiency and time-to-market advantages of code sharing. Xamarin is the only solution for multi-platform app development that is native in all 3 ways.

Anything you can do with Objective-C, Swift and Java can be done with C# and Xamarin.

Xamarin is extremely flexible in the development approach to an app. You can use the new Xamarin.Forms to build enterprise apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone – fast, with 100% shared C# code. Alternatively you can develop bespoke platform specific UI for each platform while still reaching 70-80% code sharing.

Xamarin Architecture Options

Xamarin Architecture Using Shared App Logic. Enabling flexibility of native UIs

Xamarin.IOS and Xamarin.Android

Share 70-80% of code, writing specific, highly detailed UI for each platform.

Xamarin Architecture Using Shared UI and App Logic By Implementing Xamarin Forms and saving dev Time

Xamarin.Forms Architecture

Share up to 100 % of code across three platforms, including UI.

 Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner

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