Case Studies

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ACW is an app for young African students that provides dedicated teaching and learning resources anytime, anywhere from an Android device or web browser.

Keelings: SAM-K the Sales, Automation & Mobility App.

Esports Gold had a vision for a website that aimed to provide a centralized platform for gamers across all esports.

MY RCSI allows students to access educational material and core digital services, supporting a seamless student experience.

Dublin Airport Authority mobile app focusing on the critical flight deck and live flight information features.

Greenfinch developed the Daily Mood Diary application, together with a web interface that allows clinicians to transfer questionnaires to it.

Greenfinch developed Oncomark a data analysis module to handle both the importation and analysis of data.

“Spellings For Me” proposed a web application that would allow students to take standard spelling and dictation tests.

Etech made for H&K who needed a solution for the ongoing management of the equipment in their restaurants.

Transom, is a highly customisable multi-party, multi-process workflow manager capable of handling large volumes of traffic.

TSM is a solution to manage the rollout of equipment in thousands of restaurants around the world.

Bosun provides an integration platform supporting multiple in and outbound communications methods.