Case Studies

“Spellings For Me” proposed a web application that would allow students to take standard spelling and dictation tests.

Transom, is a highly customisable multi-party, multi-process workflow manager capable of handling large volumes of traffic.

Salesforce is an integrated upload tool to enable users to manage the distribution of content through SalesForce Upload.

TSM is a solution to manage the rollout of equipment in thousands of restaurants around the world

AgFetch help farmers and contractors secure the best deals when buying farm machinery.

Etech made for H&K who needed a solution for the ongoing management of the equipment in their restaurants.

Bosun provides an integration platform supporting multiple in and outbound communications methods.

STAT allows Trainees to keep a log in which they record all of the operations they perform during training.

Greenfinch provided consulting services during the development of GxP Consulting Services.