Custom Java Software Development for H&K

Greenfinch Technology is an Irish software technology company based in Dublin Docklands. It has announced a large custom Java software development project for H&K International. This project has a total effort of well over 10 man years. The value of the contract is confidential.

“This success is based on our agile development process and our high-quality Java development team”. So said Conor McWade, Sales Director of Greenfinch. “Without these, we could never deliver this highly innovative and challenging project.”

“This project is crucial for H&K to deliver added value and real differentiation to our customers around the world”. So said Colin Burns, CIO H&K International. “We needed a technology partner who could take our ideas and design & build this application in a fast, agile manner using the latest technical innovations in the Java world. Greenfinch is that partner.”

The project will cover the design, development, and deployment of a large Java project. It will use the agile development approach, leading edge Dev/Ops and the latest innovations in end user design.

Greenfinch Technology is a software engineering company, based in the Dublin Docklands Innovation Park, focused on innovation & quality. Starting originally with only 3 staff the company has grown to over 20 people currently. It expects to grow to between 25 & 30 by year-end. The company is funded from its own resources and has always been profitable.

H&K International

Starting out in Canada in 1975, H&K developed as a key supplier to large restaurant chains. It has established manufacturing operations at strategic locations worldwide. The H&K Group, headquartered in Ireland, now employs over 1,300, based at locations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Ireland, U.K., Spain, South Africa, China, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand.

We strive to be the global leader in providing distinctive value through Integrated Equipment and Service Solutions. This is to the restaurant and retail industry that enables our customers, partners, and employees to succeed.

A key feature of the H&K business is our ability to deliver complete kitchen packages to new or existing restaurant sites anywhere in the world. We offer a “one-stop-shop” service. This will include our own fabricated products and a complete range of restaurant equipment sourced from other well-known manufacturers.