Growth Producing Mobile App Ideas

Do you feel that while business is good, it could be better? You think that there is something simple you can do that would get you ahead of your competitors. You know mobile is very strong and getting stronger and have decided that an app is the way forward. But what kind of app? Greenfinch Technology are experts in cross-platform web and mobile application development.  We build B2B and B2C apps for clients worldwide. We have decided to help by going through a few of the different apps available.

A Purchasing App for Supplies

This is a great app for retail businesses, or businesses that sell services.This purchasing app could be perfect for you. It can list all the products or services you offer and allows the customer to order simply by clicking on the product/service. Finally, all they have to do to complete their order is to use the pay function. An app like this is normally a great time saver for customer related staff and as a secondary benefit, sales are inclined to rise due to mobiles popularity and the apps ease of access.

Publicity Event App

Have you got an upcoming event or conference? If you do, you probably want to allow people to register, show what is happening at the event, list of speakers for the conference and all the other things people want to know.

By building an app that can handle all of these for you kit can relieve a lot of the work load from the organisers. Everything from numbers registered to attend,  to the seating arrangements for them can be done by the app.

Showcase App

Do you have to showcase your previous works for future clients? Have you a large portfolio section on your website?

A showcase app can not only highlight your areas of expertise but it shows a professional dedication to be the best that will certainly impress clients.

Software as A Medical Device (SaMD) App

Medical apps are designed to assist medical practitioners in their diagnosis and monitoring of a patient. If your company is part of the medical world you may have an idea for a medical app that could make life simpler and safer for people. A medical app can be used to keep track of a patient’s problems or their heart rate, or a multitude of different things.

Business App

Finally, there is the internal business app. If you have teams of employees that are continually on the go this can be of great benefit. In many businesses the CRM can only be accessed onsite. This can make things difficult if an employee is trying to work from home or is with a client onsite and needs access.

By using an app which connects directly to the CRM you can allow employees to accomplish their tasks no matter where they are.


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