Microsoft Azure is Very Good. Here’s Why.

It can be difficult setting up an IT infrastructure. This is where Microsoft Azure can be a big help. It simplifies making several of the different layers into one infrastructure by using an integrated model. This makes it a super convenient alternative for cloud services. It should be noted that Microsoft Azure is more than just a SaaS. Azure’s own applications connect to PaaS (Platform as a service)and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)!

Azure gives you access to a lot of computation resources. With Azure, you are able to build, manage and deploy using Microsoft’s data centres which are positioned around the world.

In the past, companies had to set up their own infrastructures. For example, they had to have their own web server. Every time there was an update they ended up shelling out more money. There was also the expense of having the staff to oversee the servers. Having Azure to undertake these changes at a specific fee is often felt as having a large burden lifted from the business, not to mention a large financial saving as well.

What can you use Azure for?

At its most basic level, it is a hosting service. It allows businesses to host web services, databases, email servers, virtual machines, document storage, and user directions. The client only pays for what storage is needed without having to buy hardware or creating a data centre.

But that is not all.

Azure also comes with a large range of services. These include databases, full digital machines, copies, and storage, cellular and internet application providers.

Azure allows you to run either Linus or Windows virtual machines and it comes with the Azure Active Directory which is very similar to the Microsoft Active Directory. This vastly simplifies the making of a company directory for a business.

What are the Main Features of Azure?

Information Storage

Keeping servers to store all your business data can be expensive. For every server, you need a backup and you need the staff to operate them as well. Do not forget about security and the idea of using Azure sounds better all the time.

With Azure, you just pay for the storage you are using. It is very simple to increase or decrease the amount you are using at any time. It is up to Microsoft to supply the security and you can be sure that their staff is vastly experienced at what they do. As the company information is stored in the Cloud it is far easier for employees away from the workplace to access ( as long as they have the proper clearance!)

Mobile App Applications

Hosting your apps in the Cloud is obviously a good move. Azure works well with applications developed in many computer languages and on many platforms. As you want these apps to be easily accessible then hosting them on the Cloud is the obvious answer. The speed with which the app can be run at will be vastly superior to one that is being run from a server.


Azure comes with many analytics services. If you check out here you will see that they have services that will analyze databases, machine learning, stream analytics and much more.

Internet of Things (IoT)

An IoT solution is normally made up of at least one ( but no upward max number) device and one ( but no upward max number) back-end service which runs in the Cloud and they communicate information to each other.

Azure has a collection of Microsoft managed services which connect, manage and control literally billions of IoT assets. This vastly simplifies and improves business performance.

So Should you be using Microsoft Azure?

We would have to say YES.

To simplify what we have said above:

  • You will save money
  • Have a better IT Infrastructure
  • You will have a more secure infrastructure
  • Easier access for employees in off-site locations.
  • Better application speed and security.
  • Free use of Azure Active Directory.
  • Your staff should be able to accomplish more as they will have better access to the latest technologies.


AT Greenfinch Technology we are firm believers in Microsoft’s Azure. One of the services we offer is in assisting businesses to move to the Cloud. This is because we have done so ourselves, and the idea of ever going back to using our own servers is not one that will be contemplated. Our business runs so much smoother now and we get so much more done.

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