IT Managed services

It Managed services are a combination of managed services, cloud solutions Professional IT Services. Taken together, Greenfinch Technology deliver a tailored IT service solution for either a part or a complete IT infrastructure

How can IT Managed Services Help you?

Technology development is increasing on a daily basis and know what is the best IT solution for your company can make a world of difference. This is where having a good Managed Service Provider (MSP) is so important. With Greenfinch Technology as your MSP, you can pass over some or all of the responsibility of your IT operations. Our expert IT teams will take full care of them. Outsourcing your IT management to us will not only improve your IT operations but also the performance of your business.


What are the Key Benefits to IT Managed Services?

Disaster prevention

The main benefit of having an MSP is that we can fix problems before they have a negative impact on your business. By using the Cloud we keep your data secure and can be up and running almost immediately.

Cost Saving

A combination of a small capital outlay, a reduction in operating expenses and a predictable monthly bill enables you to have budgeted high quality IT support without extra unexpected expenses.


Our Managed IT Services will be organised in such a way as to reduce the complexity for you the client.

Specialist Skills

By working with a company like Greenfinch Technology you have access to a large group of highly skilled personnel. These can be brought in at any time if and when they are needed.

Environmentally Friendlier Solution

We centralise your business systems and use virtualisation technology to reduce your power use. This both reduces your expenses and your carbon footprint.


Greenfinch Technology can offer you an MSP package to suit your business needs, no matter what they are.


At Greenfinch, we like to be able to talk on a one to one with either the in-house IT Manager or the person in charge of the process. We have found that this builds up a level of trust and understanding that is otherwise difficult to achieve. However, no matter what the client company wishes us to operate we always deliver a professional range of managed IT solutions. We can provide a solution no matter the size of the company or its IT environment.


Our Managed Service Solutions


We have a full range of our different services below.

  1. Complete IT Package

Just about every business has a reliance to a larger or lesser degree but they may not necessarily be able to afford an in-house team of IT professionals. With our Complete IT Package, you obtain the skills of a large number of IT professionals that can be called upon as needed at an affordable price. Our Complete It Package is when we take complete control of your IT requirements, managing your day to day IT needs and by also providing any IT consultancy on business requirements. We basically become your company’s IT department.

Greenfinch Technology keeps up with the latest technologies, especially if we feel that it can have a positive impact on your business. Our Complete IT Package will consist of some or all of the following IT services, depending on your needs.


  • Integration with Cloud Solutions
  • Access to a wide variety of specialists
  • Expert IT system monitoring and Management
  • Strategic IT Planning
  • Virtual CIO
  • Third Party Vendor Support
  • Help Desk Support



Our Complete It MSP can be fully customised to meet your needs and to complement your present IT infrastructure and internal IT resources.

2 Expert Cloud Solutions

A Managed Cloud Solution can both enlarge your IT capability and reduce your costs. Our Cloud Solutions are both more secure than if you were providing your own storage and yet easier to access by properly enabled employees. A Cloud solution should be part of every company’s disaster recovery solution as set up correctly you can be back up and running in just a few minutes.


  1. Support Desk

Your IT team at Greenfinch Technology will always be your first port of call. With our expert team who will be familiar with your IT environment ready to answer any queries or to make any necessary changes to the present setup. We are always ready so you can service your clients’ needs with complete confidence in your IT.

Our services include:

  • Personal Help Desk
  • Monthly Reporting
  • 24/7 cover
  • Pro-active Management
  • Processes and services fashioned to your company needs
  • Management of suppliers and support contracts
  • Availability of experts in other fields as needed.


  1.  Professional Services

At Greenfinch Technology we understand that you occasionally need to invest in technology that your in-house staff don’t have the necessary skills to implement.

Our professional services team have a wide variety of experience and expertise over a large area of technology.

These areas include:

  • Server virtualisation & desktop virtualisation projects
  • Storage and data management solutions
  • Server and blade infrastructure
  • Systems design and integration
  • Relocation projects
  • Application upgrade and deployment
  • Remote access technologies
  • Desktop Migration

Our team of experts include project managers, design architects and expert  implementation and systems engineers. Some of the qualifications held by them  include:

Microsoft, Citrix, VMWare, Azure,  (HP, IBM, eG Innovations, RES Software?)


  1. IT Managed Services

At Greenfinch Technology we want to manage as much or as little as you need us to manage. Because of this we ensure that each of our IT Managed service packages is fully customised to meet your business needs.

From a simple broken / fix up to a complete IT infrastructure support contract Greenfinch Technology has the IT skills to meet your needs. Presently our skills include:  Operating Systems, Web and Mobile application development, Virtualisation, Data Management, Server Infrastructure, business applications, Security systems, Unified Communications, and cloud solutions.

Our support systems can provide your business with seamless compatibility with all parts of your present IT structure. We want you to feel that our IT team is your staff as well.

From preliminary tracking of problems to full resolution, Greenfinch Technology can be there for you.