The Benefits Of Cloud Computing

Effective and easily accessible software solutions are an essential component of any forward-thinking organisation. The benefits of cloud technology include:

Cloud Costs

Most businesses will save money by moving to the cloud. It’s scaleable so you never pay for what you don’t need.


Cloud services provide you with the peace of mind that there is always a failsafe in place to keep your data safe.

Cloud Security

Cloud services are designed with security in mind, this year Microsoft will invest well over $1 Billion in cybersecurity.

Cloud Reliability

Due to the level of hardware and software redundancy, you are protected from loss of data in the event of failure.

Cloud Collaboration

On a shared cloud program it’s’ possible for employees to work on the same projects and view the results in real time.

Work Remotely

The cloud provides the ability to collaborate on multiple projects, it’s good for everyone even those continents apart.

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Microsoft Azure

Have a better experience with your software, simplify IT and reduce costs.


Azure is a cloud platform built by Microsoft, developed with the aim of building, deploying and managing services and applications from any touchpoint. This platform remains our technology of choice when it comes to implementing our cloud services, due to Microsoft’s consistent reliability. Azure offers multiple benefits including flexibility, applications, disaster recovery, reduced cost and continuous service availability.


Many of the top companies worldwide entrust their data to Azure – a testament to its efficiency. The platform’s capabilities may also be scaled up or down indefinitely, which means the technology is compatible with companies of all sizes, no matter how large or small. There no question that scalability and efficiency were among the top priorities of Microsoft’s team that built the Azure Cloud infrastructure.


Whichever migration strategy suits your enterprise best, Greenfinch can offer well-informed advice. Our expertise helps you to leverage the potential benefits of the cloud and build a secure solution that creates value for your enterprise. This will guarantee the smooth transfer of any data, application or other business infrastructure to the cloud. Migrate your apps, data and infrastructure at your own pace, with confidence.

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