Case Study - H&K International: TSM

Project Details

Business Issue

H&K International manages the rollout of equipment in thousands of restaurants around the world for a major multi-national chain. They needed a solution to manage the rollout process in various markets


We provide a complete Design, Build & Manage service to H&K. Right from the start we have worked together closely to make sure the solution fits the client's business needs. Requirements are discussed and designs are documented. When a design has been approved we start building.
During the build process, we keep the client informed about progress with 'Show and Tell' meetings. These demos of the work in progress give the client the opportunity to make small adjustments before the final delivery.

We continue to provide a full support service for TSM. This includes telephone support, production support, fixes and upgrades. We continue to enhance and amend the solution in line with H&K's business needs.

Business Solution

We have built a flexible workflow application that allows H&K to run tailor-made rollout projects for each market. Everyone on a project team can see their tasks and has access to the relevant documents while management can monitor the overall progress of projects. We have added a graphical workflow designer that allows H&K to customise the rollout projects for individual markets.

Technology Used

SQL Server, NHibernate
MVC, AngularJS, Bootstrap


Customer Testimonails

Greenfinch is a highly valued partner to H&K and their team enable us to meet our customer’s needs by developing innovative solutions that keep us ahead in the market. The tools that they have helped H&K develop, are one of the cornerstones of our future strategy and growth

Colin Burns CIO, HK International