Case Study - Dublin Airport Authority

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As certified Xamarin consulting partners, Greenfinch has extensive experience in developing mobile applications. When Dublin Airport Authority (daa) looked to redesign and redevelop its existing Dublin airport mobile app, Greenfinch was a natural technology partner. We won a worldwide tender to redesign and redevelop the daa mobile app that delivers live flight and travel information for the millions of people that pass through Dublin airport every year.


Dublin Airport, operating under its parent company daa, enlisted Greenfinch’s help to rethink, redesign and redevelop their current iOS and Android Dublin airport mobile app. The existing mobile app suffered from several inadequacies, the most critical of which related to discrepancies between the flight information presented via the mobile app, and flight information available on the daa website. Committed to delivering a quality travel experience for Dublin airport, daa required that live flight information was accurate and reliable in the mobile app and consistent with all other daa digital platforms. One of the key project constraints was that daa required a revised app solution within a stringent four month timeframe.


The project involved the design, build and deployment of custom iOS and Android mobile applications. Rapidly iterating through design-build-test cycles, Greenfinch helped daa to rethink, redesign and relaunch their Dublin airport mobile app in a four month timeframe.

Greenfinch primed a solution to redesign the Dublin airport mobile app focusing on the critical flight deck and live flight information features. The re-build amalgamated multiple live flight information data sources into a single API end-point, resulting in consolidated, accurate and consistent live flight information for the mobile app. As well as displaying live flight information, the app features real-time security queue times, gate numbers, check-in areas and baggage carousel information, time to go to gate status and information relating to delayed and cancelled flights. The app also provides travel extras and information about additional services such as car parking, fast track security services, transport links and VIP lounges.

Leveraging the cross platform development capabilities of Xamarin, Greenfinch delivered the Dublin airport iOS and Android mobile apps from one code base. The project was delivered on time, within budget and in a fraction of the time or cost that it would have taken to deliver a native app solution. The future maintenance of the app will also benefit from this efficiency of scale.

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