Case Study - Spellings for Me

Project Details


Teachers Paddy and Emma had a vision for a solution that would improve the way primary school students learn to spell. Generally, students learn spellings from a standard book and the whole class learn at the same pace. This means that weaker students can easily fall behind as spellings that are not learned correctly early on are not recorded, while students are given new spellings each week regardless of previous performance.


“Spellings For Me” proposed a web application that would allow students to take standard spelling and dictation tests. The system would record student answers and build new customized tests from the incorrect answers. Each school enrolled in the system would be isolated from other schools and class structures can be modeled within the system to allow school administrators to teachers to manage and configure classes.

We worked with Spellings for Me to build a multi-tenant web portal with administration modules for school management, class management, user management and role management. Each school is treated as a separate tenant within the system. A reporting module was provided for teachers and a student module for the tests. Students are also be able to view their awarded certificates. while all users within the system have access to downloadable templates.


The Spellings for Me project ran very smoothly from beginning to end. Overall the process took around 5 months to complete. We worked with Spellings for Me from the beginning, and provided a complete Design, Build & Manage solution. It was a very rewarding project to work on and was great to see kids in primary schools actually using the application.

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